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Architecture of Antiquity: Greece: General resources

Recommended resources on the architectures of Greece, prehistoric through classical antiquity, providing location info for print resources and links for digital resources.

Recommended books

Recommended image resources

Art & Archaeology Artifact Browser (Perseus Digital Library, Tufts University)

Search “Greek temples,” “Greek houses,” "Helladic," “Minoan,” etc. in Artstor  

Other resources

The classical orders (video, Khan Academy)

Electronic Resources for Classicists (Developed by Maria Pantelia, University of California, Irvine)

National Archaeological Museum, Athens (Online collections)

Perseus Project (Vast full-text anthology & resource, from Tufts)

Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites (Part of the Perseus Project)

Recommended for all architectural research

Classical antiquity & ancient Greece (general resources)


Alcock, Susan E. & Robin Osborne (editors), Classical archaeology, Blackwell Publishing, DE86 .C58 2007

Ancient Greece & Rome, SmartHistory (Kahn Academy)

Diotima: Materials on Women & Gender in the ancient world

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook (Fordham U)

Marconi, Clemente (editor), The Oxford handbook of Greek and Roman art and architecture, Oxford University Press, N5630 .O94 2015

Vout, Caroline, Classical art: a life history from antiquity to the present, Princeton University Press, N5613 .V68 2018

Winckelmann, Johann Joachim, History of the art of antiquity, Getty Research Institute, N5330 .W7413 2006



Greece, ancient,” Oxford Art Online

Hellenic History (Foundation for the Hellenic World)

Jenkins, Ian, Greek architecture and its sculpture, Harvard University Press, NB90 .J46 2006

Martin, Roland, Greek architecture, Electa Architecture; Phaidon, NA270 .M3713 2003 

McInerney, Jeremy, Ancient Greece: a new history, Thames & Hudson, DF77 0M35 2018

Miles, Margaret M., A companion to Greek architecture, John Wiley & Sons, 2016 (via Ebook Central)

Eras of Greek civilization

(Note: Aegean civilizations flourished during the Stone and Bronze Ages, 7000-3000 BCE and 3000-1000 BCE respectively.)

Aegean Prehistoric Archaeology (Dartmouth)

Boardman, John, Pre-classical: from Crete to Archaic Greece, Penguin, N5340 .B63 1967

Feldman, Marian H., “Luxurious forms: redefining a Mediterranean “International Style,” 1400-1200 BCEArt Bulletin, March 2002

Glotz, Gustave, The Aegean civilization, Routledge, 2005 (via Ebook Central)

Hemingway, Seán, “Art at of the Aegean Bronze Age,” The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, Spring 2012, p.4-48 (via Jstor)

Koehl, Robert B. (editor), Studies in Aegean art and culture, Institute for Aegean Prehistory Press, 2016 (via Ebook Central)

Winter, Nancy A., Greek architectural terracottas: prehistoric to archaic, Oxford University Press, NA3551.A1 W55 1993

Early Cycladic Art (Metropolitan Museum)

Getz-Preziosi, Pat, “The male figure in early Cycladic sculpture,” Metropolitan Museum Journal, 1980, p.5-33 (via Jstor)

Marthari, Marisa, et al (editors), Early Cycladic sculpture in context, Oxbow Books, 2017 (via Ebook Central)

Mertens, Joan R.,” Some long thoughts on early Cycladic sculpture,” Metropolitan Museum Journal, 1998, p.7-22 (via Jstor)

Museum of Cycladic Art (Athens)

Bronze Age on the Greek Mainland (Foundation of the Hellenic World)

Martin, Roland, Greek architecture, Phaidon, NA270 .M3713 2003 (Section: “Architecture of Minoan Crete and the Mycenaean world”)

Schaar, Kenneth W., “Traditional earthquake-resistant construction: the Mycenean aspect,” JSAH, March 1974, p.80-81 (via Jstor)

Schliemann, Heinrich, Mycenae, B. Blom, DF221.M9 S35 1967 

Schofield, Louise, et al. "Helladic; architecture," Oxford Art Online

Tournavitou, Iphiyenia, The wall paintings of the West House at Mycenae, INSTAP, 2017 (via Ebook Central)

Chi, Jennifer Y. (editor), Restoring the Minoans, Princeton University Press, DF221.C8 R47 2017

Driessen, J. M., “Earthquake-Resistant Construction,” JSAH, June 1987, p.171-178 (via Jstor)

Evans, Arthur, The Palace of Minos (The original 1921-35 reports)

Fitton, J. Lesley, et al, "Minoan; architecture," Oxford Art Online

Friedrich, Walter L., “The Minoan eruption of Santorini around 1613 B.C. and its consequences,” Tagung en des Landesmuseums für Vorges chichte Halle, Vol.9, 2013, p.37-48 (PDF via   

McEnroe, John C., Architecture of Minoan Crete: Constructing Identity in the Aegean Bronze Age, University of Texas Press, 2010 (via Ebook Central)

Martin, Roland, Greek architecture, Phaidon, NA270 .M3713 2003 (Section: “Architecture of Minoan Crete and the Mycenaean world”)

Michael Ventris: architect & decipherer of Linear B (Cambridge)

Shaw, Maria C., “A fresco of a textile pattern at Pylos: the importation of a Minoan artistic technique,” British School of Athens Studies, Vol.18, 2010, p.315-320 (via Jstor)

Willetts, R. F., The civilization of Ancient Crete, University of California Press, DF221.C8W54 2004 

(Note: The site of Troy was inhabited 3000 BCE through the Byzantine era; the Homeric war Troy is probably Troy VIIa)

Digital reconstruction of Troy VIIa (U. of Cincinnati)

Hertel, Dieter & Frank Kolb, “Troy in clearer perspective,” Anatolian Studies, Vol.53, 2003, p.71-88 (via Jstor)

Homer, The Iliad, and The Odyssey (Samuel Butler’s 1898 English prose translation)


Howe, Thomas Noble, “Bold imitator: Greek ‘orders,’ the autodidact polymath architect and the Apollonion of Syracuse,” in The many faces of mimesis, edited by Heather L. Reid & Jeremy C. DeLong, Parnassos Press, p.1-20 (via Jstor)

Hurwit, Jeffrey M., The Art and Culture of Early Greece 1100-480 B.C, Cornell University Press, NX551.A1 H87 1985 

Osborne, Robin, Archaic & Classical Greek Art, Oxford University Press, N5630.O73 1998

Ashmole, Bernard, Architect and sculptor in classical Greece, New York University Press, NA270.A76 1972 

Coulton, John James, Ancient Greek architects at work: problems of structure and design, Cornell University Press, NA270 .C65 1977 

Pollitt, J. J., Art and experience in classical Greece, Cambridge University Press, N5630.P54 1972 

Chase, Raymond G., Ancient Hellenistic & Roman amphitheatres, stadiums, & theatres, P. E. Randall, NA278.T5 C48 2002

Clarke, M. L., “The Architects of Greece and Rome,” Architectural History, Vol.6, 1963, p.9-22 (via Jstor)

Fyfe, Theodore, Hellenistic architecture; an introductory study, The University Press, NA270 .F99

Martin, Roland, Greek architecture, Phaidon, NA270 .M3713 2003 (Section: “The architecture of Hellenistic Greece”)

Martin, Luther H., “The Anti-Individualistic Ideology of Hellenistic Culture,” Numen, May 1994, p.117-140 (via Jstor)

McKenzie, Judith, The architecture of Alexandria and Egypt, c. 300 B.C. to A.D. 700, Yale University Press, NA216.A5 M45 2007 

Picón, Carlos A. & Seán Hemingway, Pergamon and the Hellenistic kingdoms of the ancient world, Metropolitan Museum of Art; Yale University Press, DS156.P4 P47 2016

Winter, Frederick E., Studies in Hellenistic architecture, University of Toronto Press, NA270 .W56 2006

Specialized topics in ancient Greece A to Z

Adams, Hazard, Critical theory since Plato, Wadsworth Publishing, PN49 .C683 1992 (Anthology of influential texts)

Archē,” Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Barletta, Barbara A., The origins of the Greek architectural orders, Cambridge University Press, NA2815 .B35 2001 

Catharsis,” Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Dodds, E. R., The Greeks and the irrational, University of California Press, BF1421 .D6 2004

Entasis,” Oxford Art Online (On optical correction in Greek architecture)

Episteme and Technē” Stanford Encyclopedia of Architecture

Garcia, Jorge Tomas, “The limits of Greek painting: from mimesis to abstraction,” in The many faces of mimesis, edited by Heather L. Reid & Jeremy C. DeLong, Parnassos Press, 2018, p.325-338 (via Jstor)

Hahn, Robert, Anaximander and the architects: the contributions of Egyptian and Greek architectural technologies to the origins of Greek philosophy, State University of New York Press, 2001 (via Ebook Central)

Huntley, H. E., The Divine Proportion, Dover Publications, QA466 .H85 1970

Longinus, “On the sublime,” (H. L. Havell translation)

 “Mimēsis,” Oxford English Dictionary

Plotinus, “On Beauty,” (Ennead 1.6, Stephen MacKenna translation)

Pollitt, J. J., The ancient view of Greek art: criticism, history, and terminology, Yale University Press, N7476 .P64 1974 

Purves, Alexander, “The Persistence of Formal Patterns,” Perspecta #19, 1982, p.138-163 (via Jstor)

Smith, Amy C., Polis and personification in classical Athenian art, Brill, 2011 (via Ebook Central)

Warry, J. G., Greek aesthetic theory, Routledge, 2012 (via Ebook Central)

Winckelmann, Johann Joachim, Essay on the philosophy and history of art, Continuum, N5330 .W77213 2005 volumes 1-3

Winckelmann, Johann Joachim, History of the art of antiquity, Getty Research Institute, N5330 .W7413 2006

Ancient Greek political philosophy,” Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Cahill, Nicholas, Household and city organization at Olynthus, Yale University Press, 2002 (via Ebook Central)

Corinth Computer Project (VR reconstruction of ancient Corinth)

De Polignac, François, Cults, Territory and the Origins of the Greek City-State, University of Chicago Press, DF122.P6513 1995

Evangelidis, Vasilis, “Agoras and fora: developments in the central public space of the cities of Greece during the Roman period,” The Annual of the British School at Athens, Vol.109, 2014, p.335-356 (via Jstor)

Fustel de Coulanges, Numa Denis, The ancient city, Johns Hopkins University Press, JC51 .F95 1980 

Hughes, J. Donald, Pan's travail: environmental problems of the ancient Greeks and Romans, Johns Hopkins University Press, GE160.G8 H84 1996 

Ward-Perkins, J. B., Cities of ancient Greece and Italy; planning in classical antiquity, G. Braziller, HT166 .W25 1974 

Wycherley, R. E., How the Greeks Built Cities, Norton, NA9201.W85 1976



Empereur, J. Y., Alexandria Rediscovered, British Museum Press, DT73.A4 E4713 1998

Haas, Christopher, Alexandria in Late Antiquity: Topography and Social Conflict, Johns Hopkins University Press, DT154.A4 H36 1997

Harris, W. V. & Giovanni Ruffini (editors), Ancient Alexandria between Egypt and Greece, Brill, 2004 (via Ebook Central)

McKenzie, Judith, The architecture of Alexandria and Egypt, c. 300 B.C. to A.D. 700, Yale University Press, NA216.A5 M45 2007



Bastea, Eleni, Creation of modern Athens: planning the myth, Cambridge University Press, NA9202.A8 B37 1999 

Camp, John McK., The archaeology of Athens, Yale University Press, DF275 .C28 2001

Cosmopoulos, Michael B., The Parthenon and its sculptures, Cambridge University Press, NB91.A7 S38 2004 

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Vigderman, Patricia, The real life of the Parthenon, Mad Creek Books, DF287.P3 V54 2018

Antikythera Mechanism Research Site

Hyman, Jacques, “’Gothic’ construction in ancient Greece,” JSAH, March 1972, p.3-9 (via Jstor)

Irby, Georgia L. (editor), A companion to science, technology, and medicine in Ancient Greece and Rome, John Wiley & Sons, 2016 (See: “Part VII: Technology of human life”) (via Ebook Central)

Lewis, M. J. T., Surveying instruments of Greece and Rome, Cambridge University Press, TA562 .L49 2001 

Lloyd, G. E. R., Greek science after Aristotle, Norton, Q127.G7 L58

Phillips, Kyle M., “Subject & technique in Hellenistic-Roman mosaics,” Art Bulletin, December 1960, p.243-262 (Jstor)

Senseney, John R., The art of building in the classical world: vision, craftsmanship, and linear perspective in Greek and Roman architecture, Cambridge University Press, 2011 (via Ebook Central)

Antonaccio, Carla M., “Architecture and behavior: building gender into Greek houses,” The Classical World, May/June 2000, p.517-533 (via Jstor)

Ault, Bradley A. & Lisa C. Nevett (editors), Ancient Greek houses and households: chronological, regional, and social diversity, University of Pennsylvania Press, DF99 .A53 2005 

Building communities: house, settlement and society in the Aegean and beyond,” British School of Athens Studies, Vol.15, 2007 (Theme issue via Jstor)

Cahill, Nicholas, Household and city organization at Olynthus, Yale University Press, 2002 (See: “Chapter 3: The houses described” and, “Chapter 4: The houses organized”) (via Ebook Central)

Glazebrook, Allison & Barbara Tsakirgis (editors), Houses of Ill Repute : The Archaeology of Brothels, Houses, and Taverns in the Greek World, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016 (via Ebook Central)

Greek Daily Life (British Museum presentation, see “House Challenge”)

Faraone, Christopher A., The stanzaic architecture of early Greek elegy, Oxford University Press, 2008 (via Ebook Central)

Goldhill, Simon, The invention of prose, Oxford University Press, PA3035 .G65 2002

Hadas, Moses, “Hellenistic Literature,” Dumbarton Oaks Papers, Vol.17, 1963, p.21, 23-35 (via Jstor)

Internet Classics Archive (Full-text anthology)

Kurke, Leslie, Aesopic conversations : popular tradition, cultural dialogue, and the invention of Greek prose, Princeton University Press, 2011 (via Ebook Central)

Perseus Digital Library, collections & texts (Full-text)

The Ancient Olympics (KU Leuven & Peking University)

Gymnasium,” “Olympia,” and “Stadium,” Oxford Art Online

Romano, David Gilman, Origins of the Greek stadion, American Philosophical Society, NA285.C6R65 1993

Emerson, Mary, Greek sanctuaries and temple architecture: an introduction, Bloomsbury, NA275 .E45 2018

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Wilson Jones, Mark, Origins of classical architecture: temples, order and gifts to the gods in ancient Greece, Yale University Press, NA275 .W55 2014

Ancient Greek Music (Stefan Hagel)

Aristotle’s Poetics,” The Internet Classics Archive (MIT)

Comedy” & “Tragedy,” Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Greek Tragedy (Web tool created by W.A. Johnson, Bucknell University)

Izenour, George C., Roofed theaters of classical antiquity, Yale University Press, PA3201 .I97 1992

Lippman, Edward A., “The Sources & Development of the Ethical View of Music in Ancient Greece,” Musical Quarterly, April 1963, p.188-209 (via Jstor)

Nietzsche, Friedrich, The Birth of Tragedy, 1872 (Haussmann translation)

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Classical art research centre, Oxford (Beazley Archive)

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Jenkins, Ian, Greek architecture and its sculpture, Harvard University Press, NB90 .J46 2006 

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Smith, Tyler Jo & Dimitris Plantzos, A companion to Greek art, Wiley & Sons, 2012 (via Ebook Central)

Sparkes, Brian A., Greek art, Cambridge University Press, N5630 .S6 2011

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