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Architectural education: General resources

Recommended resources on topics in architectural education, past and present, providing location info for print resources and links for digital resources.

Recommended books

Commemorative volumes

It is a common practice for architecture schools to produce milestone texts to document and celebrate their own programs, often linking the work of students and instructors to specific moments in the history of design education, architecture, and the built environment.


Bartlett, Nancy, More than a handsome box : education in architecture at the University of Michigan, 1876-1986, The University of Michigan College of Architecture and Urban Planning, LB3223.4.M52B3777 1995

Dowling, Elizabeth Meredith & Lisa M. Thomason, One hundred years of architectural education : 1908-2008, Georgia Tech College of Architecture, T171.G44O53 2009

Stern, Robert A. M., Pedagogy and place : 100 years of architecture education at Yale, Yale University Press, NA2300.Y35S74 2016

Serial publications by architecture schools

AA files: annals of the Architectural Association School of Architecture

AA projects review (1974-2006)

AA Book: projects review (since 2007) Shelved as books at NA968.6 AA

Abstract (Columbia University. Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation)

Constructs (Yale)

Hunch (Berlage Institute)

Perspecta (Yale)

Platform (Harvard) Shelved as books at NA2300.H35

Onramp (SCI-Arc) (digital copies, 2015 - current)

Onramp (SCI-Arc) (print copies, 2007 - current) Shelved as books at NA1.O47

Places (University of California, Berkeley)

Room one thousand (University of California, Berkeley)

Tarp: architecture manual (Pratt)

Thresholds (MIT)

Volume Archis (Netherlands Architecture Institute)

Other resources

Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA)

Education Resources Information Center (ERIC), a searchable database of education research and information, sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education.

Architectural Histories: the open access journal of the EAHN, produced by the European Architectural History Network. This international, peer-reviewed scholarly journal provides historical research into all aspects of architecture and the built environment.

Practical experience: an architecture student's guide to internship and the year out, by Igor Marjanović, et al, Architectural Press, 2005 (ebook via Ebook Central)

Recommended for all architectural research

Specialized resources on related topics

Bothwell, Stephanie E., Windsor Forum on Design Education: toward an ideal curriculum to reform architectural education, New Urban Press, NA2105.B68 2004

Boyer, Ernest l. and Lee D. Mitgang, Building community: a new future for architecture education and practice, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, NA2105 .B69 1996

Caragonne, Alexander, The Texas Rangers: notes from an architectural underground, MIT Press, NA2300.U57C37 1995

Citizen architect [videorecording] : Samuel Mockbee and the spirit of the Rural Studio / directed and edited by Sam Wainwright Douglas, Big Beard Films, NA2111.C58 2010 (Media shelf)

Cohen, Jeffrey A., “Building a discipline: early institutional settings for architectural education in Philadelphia, 1804-1890,” The Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, June 1994, p.139-183 (PDF via Jstor)

Cret, Paul P., “The Ecole des Beaux-Arts and architectural education,” The Journal of the American Society of Architectural Historians, April 1941, p.3-15 (PDF via JStor)

De Mars, Vernon, “Planning: the educational problem,” Journal of Architectural Education (1947-1974), Vol.13, #2, 1958, p.26-29 (PDF via JStor)

Dean, Andrea Oppenheimer, Proceed and be bold: Rural Studio after Samuel Mockbee, Princeton Architectural Press, NA2300.A9D427 2005

Dean, Andrea Oppenheimer, Rural Studio : Samuel Mockbee and an architecture of decency, Princeton Architectural Press, NA2300.A9D43 2002 (ebook also available via Ebook Central)

Dutta, Arindam, A second modernism: MIT, architecture, and the 'techno-social' moment, MIT Press, NA2300.M4S43 2013

Fraker, Harrison, “Where is the urban design discourse?” Places, Fall 2004, p.61-63

Frank, Marie, “The theory of pure design and American architectural education in the early twentieth Century,” Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, June 2008, p.248-273 (PDF via JStor)

Jones, Barclay Gibbs, “Teaching city planning to architects,” Journal of Architectural Education, Autumn 1958, p.36-40. (PDF via JStor)

“Literary methods in architectural education,” Writingplace: journal for architecture and literature, #1, PN56.A73L58 2018

Pfammatter, Ulrich, The making of the modern architect and engineer: the origins of and development of a scientific and industrially oriented education, Birkhauser, NA2000 .P43 2000

Ruan, Xing, “Accidental affinities: American Beaux-Arts in twentieth-century Chinese architectural education and practice,” The Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians/em>

Smith, Benjamin J., “With and without walls: The Southern California Institute of Architecture and a New School of Los Angeles Architects in the 1970s and 1980s,” PhD dissertation, University of Michigan, 2016 (PDF via        

Spiller, Neil and Nic Clear, Educating architects: how tomorrow's practitioners will learn today, Thames & Hudson, NA2000 .E39 2014

Sunwoo, Irene (Editor), In progress: the IID Summer Sessions, AA, NA2300.I5 2016

Tschumi, Bernard & Matthew Berman (Editors), Index architecture: a Columbia book of architecture, MIT Press, NA2300. C65I53 2003

Williams, Wayne A. & Janice Rieger, “A design of design: complexity, criticality, and cultural competence,” Canadian Art Review, v.40, #2, p.15-21 (PDF via JStor)

Woods, Mary N., From craft to profession: the practice of architecture in nineteenth-century America, University of California Press, NA1996 .W64 1999

Andia, Alfredo, “Reconstructing the effects of computers on practice and education during the past three decades,” Journal of Architectural Education, September 2002, p.7-13 (PDF via JStor)                   

Dutton, Thomas A. 1987. "Design and studio pedagogy," Journal of Architectural Education, Fall 1987, 16-25 (PDF via Jstor)

Hardy, Adam & Necdet Teymur (editors), Architectural history and the studio, ?uestion Press, NA2005 .A65 1996

Middlebrook, James, and Katherine Maines. 2016. "The introductory architecture studio revisited: exploring the educational potential of design-build within a liberal arts context." Journal of Architectural Education 70, #1, p.154-164

​Varnelis, Kazys, “Is There Research in the Studio?Journal of Architectural Education, September 2007, p.11-14 (PDF via Jstor)

Westfall, Carroll William, “Why the Orders Belong in Studio,” Journal of Architectural Education, May 2008 (PDF via Jstor)

Fisher, Thomas, Ethics for architects: 50 dilemmas of professional practice, Princeton Architectural Press, 2010 (via Ebook Central)

Fox, Warwick (ed.), Ethics and the built environment, Routledge, 2000 (via Ebook Central)

Kanaani, Mitra, “Paradoxes of architecture in the age of bewilderment: the ironies of a professional ethos,” Journal of Architectural Education, March 2010, p. 144-145 (PDF via Jstor)

Leydens, Jon A. & Juan C. Lucena, Engineering justice : transforming engineering education and practice, Wiley, T65.E58 2018

Spector, Tom,The ethical architect: the dilemma of contemporary practice, Princeton Architectural Press, 2001 (via Ebook Central)

Barac, Matthew, “Women in academia,” Architectural Review, October 2013, p.112-113

Burns, Karen, “Gender in the contemporary architectural theory anthology,” Journal of Architectural Education, March 2012, p.125-134

Clausen, Meredith, “The Ecole Des Beaux-arts: toward a gendered history,” Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, June 2010 (PDF via Jstor)

Darling, Elizabeth & Lynne Walker (Editors), AA Women in architecture 1917-2017, AA Publications, NA1997.A3 2017

Groat & Ahrentzen, “Voices for change in architectural education: seven facets of transformation from the perspectives of faculty women,” Journal of Architectural Education, May 1997 (PDF via Jstor)

Alexander, Zeynep Çelik, Kinaesthetic knowing : aesthetics, epistemology, modern design, University of Chicago Press, BH221.G3 A44 2017

Borden, Iain and Jane Rendell, Intersections: architectural histories and critical theories, Routledge, NA190 .I58 2000

Crysler, C. Greig, Writing spaces: discourses of architecture, urbanism, and the built environment, 1960-2000, Routledge, 2003 (via Ebook Central)

Hartoonian, Gevork, Mental life of the architectural historian: reopening the early historiography of modern architecture, Cambridge Scholars, 2013 (via Ebook Central)

Keyvanian, Carla, “Teaching history to architects,” Journal of Architectural Education, March 2011, p.25-36

Mitášová, Monika (editor), Oxymoron and pleonasm: conversations on American critical and projective theory of architecture, Actar, NA2500 .O984 2014

Morgan, Diane, Kant for architects, Routledge, B2797 .M67 2018

Smith, Korydon H., Introducing architectural theory: debating a discipline, Routledge, NA2500 .S555 2012

Sykes, A. Krista (editor), Constructing a new agenda: architectural theory 1993-2009, Princeton Architectural Press, Office-NA2500.C598 2010

Tavares, André, The anatomy of the architecture book, Lars Müller Publishers, NA2540 .T38 2016

Teal, Randall. “Foundational History: an integrated approach to basic design, history, and theory,” Journal of Architectural Education, March 2011, p.37-45

Vidler, Anthony, Histories of the immediate present: inventing architectural modernism, MIT Press, NA682.M63 V53 2008

Wright, Gwendolyn, and Janet Parks (editors), The history of history in American schools of architecture, 1865-1975, Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture and Princeton Architectural Press, NA2105 .H581 1990

Ackerman, J., “Architectural Practice in the Italian Renaissance,” Distance Points: Essays in Theory and Renaissance Art and Architecture, MIT Press, p. 361–384, N6370 .A26 1991

Cerasi, Maurice, “Late-Ottoman Architects and Master Builders,” Muqarnas, 1988, p.87-102 (PDF via JSTOR)

Coulton, G.G., “Artist Life in the Middle Ages,” The Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs,” September 1912, p.336, 340-344 (PDF via JSTOR)

Cram, Ralph Adams, “The Craftsman and the Architect,” Art and Progress, October 1913, p.1119–1131. (PDF via JSTOR)

Foyle, Jonathan, "What was Expected of the Bright Young Thing in the Later 18th Century?Architects' Journal, February 23, 2006, p.39-41.

Hull, Judith S., “The ‘School of Upjohn’: Richard Upjohn's Office,” Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, September 1993, p.281–306 (PDF via JSTOR)

Johnston, George Barnett, Assembling the architect: the history and theory of professional practice, Bloomsbury Visual Arts, NA1995 .J64 2020

Kostof, Spiro (ed.), The Architect: Chapters in the History of the Profession, Oxford University Press, 1977. Including …

  • Ettlinger, L. (1977), “The Emergence of the Italian Architect during the Fifteenth Century,” p.96–123.

  • Kostof, S. (1977), “The Architect in the Middle Ages, East and West,” p.59–93.

  • Wilkinson, C. (1977), “The New Professionalism in the Renaissance,” p.124-160.

Merrill, E.M., The Trattato as Textbook: Francesco di Giorgio’s Vision for the Renaissance Architect,” Architectural Histories, (Full text via

White, Lynn,Medieval Engineering and the Sociology of Knowledge,” Pacific Historical Review, February 1975, p.1–21. (PDF via JSTOR)

Anthony, Kathryn H., “Designing for Diversity: Implications for Architectural Education in the Twenty-first Century,” Journal of Architectural Education, May 2002, (PDF via Jstor)

Berke, Deborah, “Making the mold: the lack of diversity in architecture isn’t a simple problem, but there are better and worse ways to approach the issue,” Architect, July 2012, p.35-36

Center for the Study of Practice, University of Cincinnati, African American architects and their education: a demographic study, Winter 2009 (Full text via

Charles, Curtis Barnabus, “Ageless Hope: A Report Card on Access and Equity in Architecture Education and Practice,” Journal of Architectural Education, February 2005 (PDF via Jstor)

Dozier, Richard K., “The Black Architect at Yale,” Design Quarterly, 1971, #82/83, p.16-18 (PDF via Jstor)

Gürel, Meltem Ö, and Kathryn H. Anthony, “The Canon and the Void: Gender, Race, and Architectural History Texts,” Journal of Architectural Education, February 2006, p.66-76 (PDF via Jstor)

Kiisk, Linda (ed.), 20 on 20/20 vision: perspectives on diversity and design, Boston Society of Architects, NA1995 .T94 2003

Sutton, Sharon Egretta, When ivory towers were black : a story about race in America's cities and universities, Empire State Editions, NA2300.C635S87 2017

Tayob, Huda & Suzanne Hall, Race, space and architecture: towards an open-access curriculum, London School of Economics and Political Science, Department of Sociology, 2019 (Ebook PDF)

Wilkins, Craig L., Diversity among architects: from margin to center, Routledge, NA1995 .W55 2016

Wilkins, Craig L., “Race and diversity: African Americans in architecture education,” in Architecture School: Three centuries of educating architects in North America, by Joan Ockman, MIT Press, NA2105.A73 2012

Borden, Iain. The dissertation: an architecture student’s handbook, Architectural Press, 2000. NA2108 .B67 2000

Groat, Linda N. and David Wang. Architectural research methods, Wiley, 2013. (ebook via Ebook Central)

Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Platform 8: an index of design & research, ActarD, 2015. NA2300.H352 P53 2015

Kieran, Stephen, “Research in Design: planning doing monitoring learning.” Journal of Architectural Education, Sept. 2007, v.61, #1, p.27-31 (PDF via Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals)

Lucas, Ray. Research methods for architecture, Laurence King Publishing, 2016. NA2000 .L83 2016

Sachs, Avigail, “The Postwar Legacy of Architectural Research.” Journal of Architectural Education, Feb. 2009, v.62, #3, p.53-64 (PDF via Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals)

Wortham, B.D., “The way we think about the way we think: architecture is a paradigm for reconsidering research.” Journal of Architectural Education, Sept. 2004, v.61, #1, p.44-53 (PDF via JSTOR)

Please note

  • These guides are intended to provide initial orientation, and suggest a variety of different lines of investigation—not take the place of individual research.
  • All the resources cited here--print and digital--are available through the Kappe Library at SCI-Arc.Items not available at SCI-Arc are not included.
  • Surveys covering multiple projects are preferred over monographic studies focusing on specific works or individuals.
  • Resources on Los Angeles and Southern California are stressed.
  • Proprietary digital resources (Avery Index, Oxford Art Online, ArtStor, etc) can be accessed on-campus at SCI-ARC via any SCI-Arc internet provider. Off-campus they can be accessed 24/7 via the Kappe Library proxy server, and a valid SCI-Arc Network username and password.

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