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Research urban design & planning  

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Urban design Print Page

Elements of urban design

Davis & Libertun de Duren, Cities and Sovereignty : Identity Politics in Urban Spaces, 2011 (via Ebrary)
Hawton & Percy-Smith, Community Profiling : A Practical Guide, 2007 (via Ebrary)
Korpela & Dervin, Cocoon Communities : Togetherness in the 21st Century, 2013 (via Ebrary)
Miranda, Against the Romance of Community, 2002 (via Ebrary)
Roodhouse, Cultural quarters: principles & practice, 2nd edition, 2010 (via Ebrary)
Sepe, Planning and place in the city : mapping place identity, NA9053.H76S47 2013
Brueckner, Lectures on Urban Economics, 2011 (via Ebrary)
Buckley et al, Urbanization and Growth, 2008 (via Ebrary)
O’Flaherty, City Economics, 2005 (via Ebrary)
Eckardt & Elander, Urban Governance in Europe, 2009 (via Ebrary)
Pindus et al, Urban and Regional Policy and Its Effects, 2009 (via Ebrary)
Slone, A legal guide to urban and sustainable development for planners, developers, and architects, KF5692 .S57 2008
(see also the Transportation & infrastructure Kappe Library research guide)
Barratt & Whitelaw, The spotter's guide to urban engineering: infrastructure and technology in the modern landscape, TA148 .B37 2011
Benedict & McMahon, Green infrastructure: linking landscapes and communities, HD1391 .B46 2006
Huler, On the grid: a plot of land, an average neighborhood, and the systems that make our world work, HC110. C3 H85 2010
System City : Infrastructure and the Spaces of Flows,” Architectural Design (AD), 2013 (Theme issue, via Ebrary)
Finucan, “What brand are you?Planning, August 2002
Grodach, “Urban branding: an analysis of city homepage imagery,” Journal of architectural & planning research, Autumn 2009
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Rennen, CityEvents: place selling in a media age, 2007 (via Ebrary)
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Vessel & Wong, Natural history of vacant lots, QH541.5.V27 V47 1987
Mostafavi & Doherty, Ecological urbanism, HT241 .E375 2010
Nyren, “The Urban wild,” Urban land, March 2007
[Sustainability & urban agriculture] Volume #18, 2008 (Theme issue)
Garvin, The planning game : lessons from great cities, HT167 .G37 2012
Jong, For the people, by the people : a visual story of the DIY city, NA2542.4.J66 2012
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Brett & Schmitz, Real estate market analysis : methods and case studies, HD255 .S36 2009
Coaffee, Terrorism, Risk and the Global City, 2009 (via Ebrary)
Maas et al, City shock: planning the unexpected, NA9207 .C589 2012
Vale & Campanella, Resilient City: how modern cities recover from disaster, 2005 (via Ebrary)
Zimring, The city that became safe: New York's lessons for urban crime and its control, HV7433. N49 Z56 2012
Borja & Castells, Local and global : the management of cities in the information age, HT166 .B67 1997
Castells, The informational city : information technology, economic restructuring, and the urban-regional process, HC79 .I55 C37 1989
Goodman, The European cities and technology reader : industrial to post-industrial city, T14.5 .E955 1999
Graham, Telecommunications and the City, HE7631.G73 1996
People plus Technology: New Approaches to Sustainable Mobility,” Built Environment, 2008 (Theme issue)
Roberts, American cities & technology : wilderness to wired city, T14.5 .R597 1999
Shepard, Sentient city : ubiquitous computing, architecture, and the future of urban space, NA2543. T43 S47 2011
(see also the Transportation & infrastructure Kappe Library research guide)
Airport International (News & resources for the airport business)
Altshuler, The Urban Transportation System, HE308.A63
Bridge Pros (News, resources for engineers)
Bunting, Making public transport work, 2004 (via Ebrary)
Bureau of Transportation Statistics (Research & Innovative Technology Administration)
Bus Ride (Trade magazine)
Çelik et al, Streets: critical perspectives on public space, NA9053.S7 S82 1994 (Office)
Conley et al, Car troubles: critical studies of automobility, 2009 (via Ebrary)
Dover, Street design : the secret to great cities and towns, TE279.M37 2014
Ewing & Bartholomew, Pedestrian and Transit-Oriented Design, 2013 (via Ebrary)
Fleming, Cycle space: architecture & urban design in the age of the bicycle, NA9053.C55 F53 2012
Hanson, The geography of urban transportation, HE305 .G46 1995
O'Flaherty et al, Highways: the location, design, construction and maintenance of road pavements, TE278 .H54 2002
Schwietermann, “Inter-city buses rebound, with newbies leading the pack,” Praxis, #9, 2007
Southworth, Streets and the shaping of towns and cities, 2003 (via Ebrary)
Transportation Research Board, Making Transit Work, 2001 (via Ebrary)

Approaches to urbanism A-K

Low, Theorizing the city : the new urban anthropology reader, HT119 .T44 1999
Stevenson, Cities and urban cultures, 2003 (via Ebrary)
Bellamy, Looking Backward, 1887 (via Project Gutenberg)
Gifford, New critical idiom: Pastoral, 1999 (via Ebrary)
Morris, News from nowhere, 1890 (via Project Gutenberg)
Slater, “Anti-urbanism,” International Encyclopedia of Human Geography, 2009
Williams, The country and the city, PR409.C5 W5 1985
Wizba, Essential agrarian reader, 2010 (via Ebrary)
Park & Burgess, City: Suggestions for Investigation of Human Behavior in the Urban Environment, HT151.P3 1925
Wirth, The ghetto, DS123 .W5 1998
C.I.A.M. (Congrés internationaux d’architecture modern)
CIAM,” Oxford Art Online
Giedion, “On C. I. A. M.'s Unwritten Catalogue,” JSAH, January/April 1943
Mumford, The CIAM discourse on urbanism, 1928-1960, NA680.I475 M86 2000
Sert, Can our cities survive? an ABC of urban problems, their analysis, their solutions, NA9030 .S45
Acebillo, The new urban metabolism : Barcelona/Lugano case studies, NA9183 .A173 2012
Barcelona Institut d'Estudis Territorials, Cerdà : the Barcelona Extension, HT384. S72 T74 1992
Sennett, Flesh and stone : the body and the city in Western civilization, HT113 .S45 1994 (See “Circulation and Respiration”)
System City : Infrastructure and the Spaces of Flows,” Architectural Design (AD), August 2013 (Theme issue)
The City Beautiful Movement (University of Virginia)
Klein, Prisoners of progress : American industrial cities, 1850-1920, HT123.K55
Lewis, An early encounter with tomorrow : Europeans, Chicago's Loop, and the World's Columbian Exposition, NA735.C4 L49 1997
Longstreth, The Mall in Washington, 1791-1991, F203.5 M2 M2 1991
Wagner, "Freedom and glue: architecture, seriality and identity in the American city," Harvard Architecture Review, #8, 1992
Davis & Monk, Evil paradises : dreamworlds of neoliberalism, HB501 .E848 2007
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Harvey, “The right to the city,” New Left Review, #53, 2008
Harvey, Spaces of global capitalism, HB501 .H3598 2006
Solnit, Hollow city : the siege of San Francisco and the crisis of American urbanism, HT177. S38 S65 2000
Jameson, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism, PN98 .P67 J3 1991 (a relevant excerpt is available here)
Lynch, Good City Form, HT166.L96 1984
Lynch, The Image of the city, NA9108.L9
Lynch, Managing the Sense of a Region, HT392 .L95
Al Sayyad, Forms of Dominance: on the architecture and urbanism of the colonial enterprise, GF51 .E87 vol. 5
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French Colonial Urbanism,” Historical Reflections, Summer 2007
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Le Corbusier, The radiant city / La Ville Radieuse, NA9030.J34 (Office)
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Americans for the Arts (advocacy group)
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Florida, The rise of the creative class : and how it's transforming work, leisure, community and everyday life, HD53 .F653 2004
Frank, “Dead end on Shakin’ Street,” The Baffler, #20, 2012
Review roundtable on The rise of the creative class, Planning, Spring 2005
Coaffee, Terrorism, risk and the global city, 2009 (via Ebrary)
Newman, Defensible space: crime prevention through urban design, HV6177 .N49
Zimring, The city that became safe : New York's lessons for urban crime and its control, HV7433. N49 Z56 2012
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The Compact city,” Built Environment, 1992 (Theme issue)
Density,” Built Environment, 2007 (Theme issue)
Maas et al, FARMAX : excursions on density, HB2065 .F37 2006
Lunday, “Shrinking cities, U.S.A.,” Urban land, November/December 2009 (“to consolidate thoughtful, constructive stories about post-industrial cities”)
Al Sayyad, Hybrid urbanism : on the identity discourse and the built environment, HT119 .H93 2001
Davis, Magical urbanism : Latinos reinvent the US city, HN80. L7 D39 2000
Eckardt & Eade, Ethnically Diverse City, 2012 (via Ebrary)
Sandercock, Towards cosmopolis : planning for multicultural cities, HT166 .S219 1997
Monclus & Guardia, Culture, Urbanism and Planning, 2006 (via Ebrary)
Pegler, Entertainment destinations, NA6800 .P436 2000
Peiss, Cheap Amusements, F124 .P38 1986
"Company Towns," Rassegna, no. 70, 1997 (Theme issue)
Crawford, Building the Workingman's Paradise, HT123.C688 1995
Klein, Prisoners of Progress: American industrial cities 1850-1920, HT123.K55
Benjamin, The Arcades Project, PT2603.E445P33513 1999 (see Convolute M, “The Flaneur”)
Benjamin, “The return of the flaneur,” in Selected Writings 1927-1934, PT2603.E455 A26 1996 v.2
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 “Garden city,” Oxford Art Online
Howard, Garden Cities of Tomorrow, HT161.H6
Osborn, Green-belt cities, NA9185 .O76 1969
Foxhall & Neher, Gender and the City Before Modernity, 2012 (via Ebrary)
Gender, Place and Culture (journal, volumes for 1996-1996 are available in the library stacks)
Lambright & Guerrero, Unfolding the City : Women Write the City in Latin America, 2007 (via Ebrary)
Sanders, Stud : architectures of masculinity, NA2542.4 .S78 1996
Signs (journal, issues from 1975 available via Jstor)
Spain, How women saved the city, 2001 (via Ebrary)
Visual Culture & Gender (journal, issues from 2010 available via EbscoHost)
Wilson, The sphinx in the city: urban life, the control of disorder, and women, HT361 .W55 1992
Women and the American City,” Signs, Spring 1980 (Theme issue)
Brown-Saracino, The gentrification debates, HT170 .G454 2010
Freeman, “Gentrification and displacement,” Journal of the American Planning Association. Winter 2004
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Fenster & Yacobi, Remembering, Forgetting and City Builders, 2010 (via Ebrary)
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Short, Urban Order: an Introduction to Urban Geography, HT151.S477 1996
Birch & Wachter, City in the Twenty-First Century : Global Urbanization, 2011 (via Ebrary)
Globalization and the Changing U. S. City,” Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, May 1997 (Theme issue)
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Ungers, Koolhaas et al, The city in the city : Berlin : a green archipelago / a manifesto (1977),  NA9200.B4 C58 2013

Approaches to urbanism L-Z

Local Harvest (nation-wide guide)
Locovore smartphone app
Petrini, Slow Food: The Case for Taste, 2003 (via Ebrary)
Top Reasons to Buy Local, Eat Local, Go Local (American Independent Business Alliance)
The Weber problemEncyclopedia of Mathematics (“for the optimum location of a facility in the plane intended to serve several users”)
Amazing Archigram: A Supplement,” Perspecta, #11, 1967
Archizoom," "Metabolism," and “Superstudio," Oxford Art Online.
Banham, Megastructure: urban futures of the recent past, Office-NA9053.P55 B355
Guiheux, Kisho Kurokawa: architecte: le Métabolisme 1960-1975, NA1559.K83 G85 1997
Hays, Buckminster Fuller: starting with the universe, NA737.F8 A4 2008
Koolhaas, Project Japan : an oral history of Metabolism, NA1555.5 .M48 K66 2011
Land, Superstudio: life without objects, NA1118.5.S96 L36 2003
Mand, “Creating Japanese discursive space,” Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review, Fall 2012
Superstudio,” Perspecta, #13, 1971
Cullen, The concise townscape, HT166. C82 1971
Jacobs, Great Streets, NA9053.S7 J23 1993
Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, NA9108.J3
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Doxiadis, Dynapolis, the city of the future, HT111 D769d 1960
Doxiadis & Douglass, The new world of urban man, HT151 .D6 1965
Ekistics magazine (volumes available in the library stacks for 1964-6, 1968-70, 1985, 1987, 1989-91)
Mahsud, “Rethinking Doxiadis' Ekistical Urbanism,” Positions, Spring 2010
Crosby, The Necessary monument: its future in the civilized city, CC135 .C74 1970
"Monument/Memory," Oppositions, #25, Fall 1982 (Special issue. See Reigl, "The Modern Cult of Monuments")
"Monumentality and the City," Harvard Architecture Review, no. 4, 1984 (Theme issue)
Congress for the New Urbanism, Charter awards, NA7208.2 .C48 (available for 2001-6 & 2008)
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New urbanism,” Built environment, #3, 2003 (Theme issue)
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Lake, “Planners' alchemy: transforming NIMBY to YIMBY,” Journal of the American Planning Association, Winter 1993
Lind, “Control the masses,” Architect, January 2011
"Advocacy: a community planning voice," Design Quarterly, #82/83, 1971
Community architecture,” Built environment, #1, 1987 (Theme issue)
Participatory designDesign issues, Summer 2012 (Theme issue)
Ramati et al, How to save your own street, HT177. N5 R35
Alexander, “A city is not a tree,” Architectural forum, April 1965 (Reprinted in Ockman, Architecture culture 1943-1968, NA680.A57 1993)
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Gans, “The refugee camp: ecological disaster of today, metropolis of tomorrow,”Architectural design (AD), March/April 2004
Gans & Jelacic, “Displacement: The Realpolitik of Utopia,” Perspecta, #34, 2003
Shelter Centre (Supports “transitional settlement and reconstruction needs of populations affected by conflicts and natural disasters”)
U.N. Refugee Agency (UNHCR, publisher of Refugee Magazine)
Anderson, The Federal bulldozer : a critical analysis of urban renewal, 1949-1962, HT175. U6 A84
Klemek, The transatlantic collapse of urban renewal : postwar urbanism from New York to Berlin, HT170 .K57 2011
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Coverley, Pocket Essential : Psychogeography, 2006 (via Ebrary)
Debord, Society of the spectacle, HM291 .D38813 1998x
Guy Debord and the Internationale Situationniste,” October, #79, Winter 1997 (Theme issue)
McDonough, “Situationist Space,” October, #67, Winter, 1994
Sadler, Situationist City, NA2500.S124 1998
Situationist International (Extensive archive via
Wigley, Constant's New Babylon : the hyper-architecture of desire, N6953.C57 W54 1998
Gottdiener, New urban sociology, 4th edition, 2010 (via Ebrary)
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Climate change & cities,” Built Environment, 2007 (Theme issue)
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Vojnovic, Urban Sustainability : A Global Perspective, 2012 (via Ebrary)
The Independent Group,” October, Vol. 94, Autumn, 2000. 
Risselada, Team 10 : 1953-81, in search of a utopia of the present, NA682.T43 A4 2005 (Office)
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Representing cities

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